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I want you to excel at writing!

Hi!  I'm Professor Joan Catherine Bohl, a.k.a Kate Bohl.  I have taught legal writing for twenty-three years, on both coasts and at three different law schools. I also practice what I preach. I've published sixteen law review articles, a book chapter and a book. In short, I love all law related writing and I know I can make a positive impact on yours.

I must have taught legal writing using pretty much every legal writing textbook ever written.  None of them were truly satisfactory.  Some had no samples, some had samples but didn't really explain them.  All of them were so long my students and I never got through them.  And all of them were expensive!  As a student, you would end up paying for pages and pages of text you never even read.  On this website I have assembled a variety of resources for legal writers.  In my resources area you will find annotated appellate briefs, annotated office memos, practical advice on other legal writing projects and much, much more.

​I have also served on law school admissions committees for over two decades.  I've read literally thousands of personal statements and I've helped prospective law students get a handle on what to write to maximize their law school options.