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"Professor Bohl was truly instrumental in developing my legal writing skills.  With my undergraduate degree in English Literature an Advertising, I had writing experience, but after coming to law school, I learned that legal writing is extremely unique.  Professor Bohl taught me how to write effectively and helped shape my legal writing skills that will allow me to successfully advocate  throughout my legal career."
- Alexandra T.

"Coming from a creative writing background, I initially struggled with the form and nuances of legal writing.  But teaching with a sense of humor, creative assignments, and, most importantly, personalized feedback, Professor Bohl taught me how to write like a legal professional.  But what most distinguishes Professor Bohl is her dedication to the long-term success of her students.  Long after the conclusion of our class, she has continued to make herself available as a resource, encouraging us to continue engaging in legal writing, even now as we being to enter the legal profession."
- Matt N.

"Professor Bohl has been instrumental in helping me to hone my legal writing skills while in law school.  Her knowledge and personalized instruction makes the learning process both interesting and empowering.  I will be forever grateful for her style of putting students at ease while challenging us to become our best writer and legal advocate."
- Lisa U.

"Professor Bohl's Research and Writing course equipped me with exceptional writing skills.  Her practical techniques advanced my success academically as well as in law practice."
- Charis C.

"Competent and professional.  Professor Bohl's knowledge, wisdom, and guidance allowed me to get my legal research published in the Whittier Journal of Child and Family Advocacy."
- Michael E.​

​"Legal research and writing are the foundation every aspiring lawyer needs.  Even though I came to law school with dreams of being a courtroom brawler, I learned quickly that doing high level litigation well starts with properly researching legal issues and drafting effective memos and briefs.  Professor Bohl is directly responsible for giving me the tools needed to be a strong researcher and persuasive writer.  Learning from Professor Bohl always was, and continues to be a pleasure!"
- Daniel K.

​​"Legal research and persuasive legal writing are essential skills that must be mastered for effective advocacy. Professor Bohl, a master of both, has a remarkable ability to teach the complexities of legal research and and writing to students. I emphasize the word "teach" because there are few legal research and writing professors who are able to truly teach these skills. As a former student, I highly recommend Professor Bohl to any law student who truly wants to learn these critical skills."
- Steve L.

"Meeting Professor Bphl and taking her Research and Writing class was the most positive experience I had in law school.  I had initially struggled with legal writing as I have a liberal arts background and legal writing is so much different than creative writing.  However, Professor Bohl provided me not just with proper tools to develop my legal writing skills, but also her guidance and a a much needed mentorship.  If you are lucky enough to experience her expertise in legal writing and research, I encourage any struggling student to do so."
- Lindsey C.

​​"I was afraid at the thought of writing a memo my first year of law school.  Fear can cause the brightest mind to freeze!  Professor Bohl taught me the principles and techniques to organize and write a strong memo.  She has continued to guide me, giving me the knowledge that I needed to start writing my own law review article."
- Mark G.​

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